The role of car navigators

      GPS uses the global navigation system to determine the ground position in time by receiving satellite signals. Modern technology transmits the ground position determined by GPS to some professional positioning platforms through the GSM wireless network. In the logistics and other industries, goods are lost, stolen or sent incorrectly. The positioning device can be used as a property tracker. Enable industry users, individual users, and government users to grasp the geographic information of mobile assets in real time, and comprehensively improve mobile asset management efficiency and security monitoring coefficients. The tracker helps customers to use mobile resources more efficiently for efficient operations, improve corporate competitiveness, and maximize customer benefits.
      The current position is marked on the car tracker platform. Users can use this method to easily get the location of the target. The application of GPS in the car tracker has been applied to all aspects of life. In the police investigation, the GPS car tracker is an indispensable part. After the police put the GPS locator on the criminal’s action tool, they can In the police monitoring center, it is very convenient to see all the areas and action routes of the criminals, to timely find the dens of the crime and solve the hidden dangers of law and order.
      GPS is a necessary platform for car tracking. There are many such platforms in China, which contain various latest electronic maps and GOOGLE satellite pictures. Real-time marking GPS car tracker uploads the location information of the positioning platform, so that users can understand the location of the target at a glance. In terms of engineering survey, GPS static relative positioning technology is used to set up a precision engineering control network for urban and mining oilfield ground subsidence monitoring, dam deformation monitoring, high-rise building deformation monitoring, and tunnel penetration measurement. Encrypted mapping control points, using GPS real-time dynamic positioning technology (RTK for short) to survey and map various scale topographic maps and for construction stakeout.
      In the aspect of aerial photogrammetry, surveying and mapping workers in China also use GPS technology to perform aerial survey field control surveys, aerial photography flight navigation, airborne GPS aerial surveys and other aerial survey mapping stages.

Post time: Nov-30-2019