Proper use of automobile navigator

1: Do not expose equipment to sand or dust.

2: Do not clean the navigator with chemicals or detergents, which will damage the surface of the machine and corrode the paint. Step

3: Do not charge the GPS in an area that is too cold or too hot, as this may damage the battery’s performance.

4: Please do not let the sun direct equipment, also do not put it under the high temperature, lest the body overheating, cause failure or dangerous conditions.

5: The navigator has the breakdown, do not disassemble the equipment by oneself, please send the professional service personnel to carry on the repair. How to use a car navigator

6: Don’t press down on the LCD screen. Do not expose the LCD screen to the sun, as it may cause equipment failure. Please use soft flannelette to clean the screen surface and remove dust.

7: Do not remove the memory card while the system is reading or writing to it.

8: Note multimedia file compatibility, the navigator can only play in accordance with the navigator design rules of the file system.

9: The navigator is prohibited to use overload power supply, bending or with heavy weight squeeze power cord, so as not to cause heat caused by fire.

10: In order to prevent electric shock, do not use wet hand to pull the plug, and plug the plug completely into the socket.

11. Place the charging navigator out of reach of children.

12. Put the equipment on a flat platform. Avoid placing the equipment on blankets, pillows, carpets, etc. and leaving it in working condition, as this may cause the equipment to overheat and damage.

13. Keep all cables securely and tidily connected to the navigator so that they don’t fall off due to a messy cable arrangement.

14. Do not turn off the power while navigating, playing movies, music, or pictures. This can cause data loss.

15. Don’t suddenly break a link while formatting or uploading or downloading. Otherwise, it could cause a program error.

Above the car navigator how to use the relevant content, the following together look at the car navigator functions.

map search function

You can search the terminal for the location of your destination. You can keep track of where you’re going, and share that information with others. Indeterminate information about your attachment or a location such as a gas station, hotel, ATM, etc.

Route Planning Function

GPS navigation system will automatically plan a route according to the starting point and destination you set. Route planning can be done by setting whether or not to pass through certain points of access. Routing can be set to avoid high-speed and other functions.

Automatic Navigation,

1.voice navigation: Speech to the driver ahead of the turn, navigation system status and other driving information, just like a road guide to tell you how to drive to the destination. One of the most important features in navigation is the ability to navigate safely to your destination without having to look at an operating terminal.

2. Screen Navigation: On the operating terminal, a map will be displayed, along with the vehicle’s current location, speed, distance to destination, planned route cues, and turn by turn cues.

3. Reroute: When you don’t follow a planned route or take a wrong turn, the GPS system will reroute you to a new destination based on your current location.

Post time: Jun-10-2020