Mobile phone wireless charger wholesale pay attention to three aspects

Identify big brands


It is recommended that everyone choose the wholesaler of mobile phone wireless chargers. It is best to be able to identify some of the larger brand wireless chargers. The principle seems simple, but the performance will indeed be different. Charging efficiency, or the difference between charging speed and charging temperature, may also have a series of performance differences in terms of induction stability and safety. If the price is relatively low, it may be as low as 30 yuan. The damage is relatively large.


Temperature must be controllable


In the wholesale process of mobile phone wireless chargers, it is recommended that during actual wholesale, all temperatures must be controllable. The entire wireless charger may have a certain amount of power loss when charging mobile phones, and this Part of the electrical energy can be converted into heat, so that the mobile phone or the entire wireless charger can be kept in a warm state. A relatively high-quality wireless charger can completely control all these temperatures at around 40 degrees. The temperature sense of the whole wireless charger is very good.


Complete protection function


Any mobile phone wireless charger has more protection functions during the wholesale process. These protection functions may be relatively complete.

Post time: Jul-08-2020