• Post time: Jul-08-2020

    Identify big brands   It is recommended that everyone choose the wholesaler of mobile phone wireless chargers. It is best to be able to identify some of the larger brand wireless chargers. The principle seems simple, but the performance will indeed be different. Charging efficiency, or the d...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-10-2020

    1: Do not expose equipment to sand or dust. 2: Do not clean the navigator with chemicals or detergents, which will damage the surface of the machine and corrode the paint. Step 3: Do not charge the GPS in an area that is too cold or too hot, as this may damage the battery’s performance. 4: ...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-30-2019

    It may be caused by one or more of the following reasons: 1. Atmosphere (Ionosphere and Troposphere delay GPS signals); 2. Multipath effect (satellite signal reflected into the receiver antenna through other surfaces); 3. Satellite clock difference and satellite orbit difference; 4. Human interfe...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-30-2019

          GPS uses the global navigation system to determine the ground position in time by receiving satellite signals. Modern technology transmits the ground position determined by GPS to some professional positioning platforms through the GSM wireless network. In the logistics and other industries...Read more »